Well, I did not post about goals last week. So here goes…

This is for the week of 1/17/10

1. Reach goal by 12/31/2011 (150 pounds) GAIN, back to 189.8

2. work out a minimum of 2x a week starting 1/1/2011. ZERO

3. do better with routine for the girls. Did good this week!

4. Ready at least 12 books this year (I am an avid reader but with two 2 year olds, it has been a challenge). Finished the book and started another one.

5. DO better with my own routine. Did good with this, this week! missed out with one day on two things

6. Declutter the house by 6/30/11. did some work this week on this

7. Organize the entire house by 6/30/11. Very much in the process

8. Be in the top 5% at work for productivity. so far, so good. Had a good week at work đŸ™‚

9. take girls to the zoo once a month as soon as it is warm enough. Too cold for this yet

10. take girls to the library once a month minimum. No Library this week

11. stop drinking diet coke by 5/10/11. did not get any better this week

12. Blog at least once a week until 3/1/11 then at least 2x a week. Got it covered this week!

I cannot post about this week as it is just starting but I can say that I lost 2 pounds. I really need to get to work on this. I am so unmotivated. I just need to change my mindset. I NEED to get to the gym today. I think that I am going to change the first goal. I believe in fluidity of the goals if they are not working. I still want to do the gym 2x a week minimum and want to add in the Wii, in an exercise way, 2 times a week. I would like to do SOMETHING related to exercise 4x a week. If I go out for a walk, I think that should count.

The next book that I am going to read is 1-2-3 Magic about discipline.

I am really going to work on these goals. I also want to make some more in a month or so and get a bit more detailed about them. I do not think that it has to be the beginning of the year to make some changes. I did not participate in the last few organizing challenges, there was just not time with all that is going on here. There are 2 more challenges that i hope to participate in. I would like to find another challenge on a different blog to work on some organization. If anyone out there reading knows of one, let me know! PLEASE!


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