So, it has been a week since resolutions were made. I am going to try to update once a week for the year to keep track of how I am doing. I am thinking about adding some resolutions quarterly if I am doing well. I know that I am boring and no one really wants to read what I am writing, but I am going to continue to blog anyway.

1. Reach goal by 12/31/2011 (150 pounds) Lost 2.4 pounds this week

2. work out a minimum of 2x a week starting 1/1/2011. got in 2x this past week

3. do better with routine for the girls. not too bad, still room for improvement.

4. Ready at least 12 books this year (I am an avid reader but with two 2 year olds, it has been a challenge). Am reading a book, so we shall see where this goes.

5. DO better with my own routine. Did good with this, this week! missed out with one day on two things

6. Declutter the house by 6/30/11. did some work this week on this

7. Organize the entire house by 6/30/11. Very much in the process

8. Be in the top 5% at work for productivity. so far, so good. Had a good week at work 🙂

9. take girls to the zoo once a month as soon as it is warm enough. Brr snowing outside. too cold for this yet

10. take girls to the library once a month minimum. We went to the library on Friday

11. stop drinking diet coke by 5/10/11. Decreased this week

12. Blog at least once a week until 3/1/11 then at least 2x a week. Got it covered this week!


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