The Plague

Well, it has been a rough two weeks.  A friend of mine is married and her husband went out of town to visit some friends.  He got into an ATV accident and fractured his hip and femur.  My friend had to fly out there is help him out because he ended up having to go to rehab for 7-10 days before they would release him home.  ANYWAY, she has a 15mth old son and no one would take him for that period of time.  So, he stayed with us.  It was a challenge to have him in addition to my two-year old twins.  the REAL challenge was that he brought the plague.  He is a daycare child.  Mine have never been in day care.  Aidan got an ear infection and pink eye.  Avery vomited for two days and then developed conjunctivitis as well. Then I vomited for a day, then my oldest got sick, now my son is sick.  The girls have developed a cough, both have thick green noses.  He is gone now, but what was left remains!  I am finally starting to feel better.  They seem to be getting better but it is taking a while.  So, the weight loss front has been on the back-burner.  I am starting again today. I did weigh and was 1.2 down for a total 50 pounds gone!  I think that I will get to the gym today, after I work a few hours or tomorrow. My stomach is still queasy.

Next week starts the new weight watchers program!  I am excited to see what is in store.  I have 35+ pounds left to lose.  I am at 185 and officially now in the overweight category, no longer obese 🙂


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  1. Ms Pj Geek
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 15:51:04

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I can’t understand WW coming out with a new program the week of Thanksgiving but maybe it will help folks in the time between the 2 big holidays….be easy on yourself when sick and with so much sickness in your family.


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