Well, the last two weigh-ins were 0.4 lost each time.  So, in 2 weeks, I have lost less than a pound.  It has been my fault.  I have not been doing as well as I should be.  I am going to step it up. I did go to the gym twice, but that is twice in TWO weeks.  I guess that I am not ready to commit to it.  I will revisit it in a week.  I did buy a few new shirts.  I was excited.  FINALLY I was able to get shirts without and “X” on them.  I was in a 2x-3x and was able to get a Large.  That made me happy.   I am getting back on the plan like I need to this week and next week revisiting the exercise component.  I did not binge these last two weeks, just did not completely do it the way that I needed to do it. My food has been boring, but I will take some pics anyway.  I have to work this am, but only from 9-1.  I have to work 4 hours, one Saturday a month, and this is it. I am pretty lucky in that aspect.  I also work from home.  Not a ton of nurses that are able to work from home!


OH! I did have to go into work 1/2 a day this week.  I also have to do that once a month.  Someone there said that they did not even recognize me I had lost so much weight.


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