Loser, Loser

I guess that I am a loser in two different ways.  One is a good way, one not so much. I DID lose one pound this week.  I DID NOT work out.  I am not sure what it is going to take to get me there.  I am exhausted in the evenings when it is most feasible to go.  I guess that I am going to have to figure something out.  The girls (2 year old twins) slept like CRAP this weekend.  One morning one was up at 2:45 and did not go back to sleep until almost seven.  The next day she was up again at 4:30.  The other one got up a few hours later but still WAY TOO early for me.  They are both teething, incisors, and these have been the WORST teeth yet.  I thought that the one year molars were bad…WRONG.  Anyway…just another EXCUSE.  I am so tired that I am having a hard time functioning.


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