Not going so great

This week has been poor.  Everyone in the house has been sick.  I have stayed on plan but I have not been doing well with the veggie/fruit thingie.  I think that I am going to restart that today.  So, today is the beginning of week #1.  I am also not going to weight this month except for on Saturday.  This has never worked for me in the past, so I am going to make it a challenge for me.  I usually weigh multiple times a day.  I did not weigh Sunday, so I am off to a good start.   I did weigh in on Saturday and was down 1.6 from the week before.  That is one reason I am not going to weigh daily because the daily fluctuations are not working for me.  I hope that this works better for me.

I was planning on starting back to the gym this past week but did not work out with the girls being sick, and I was sick too.  I guess that is ultimately just an excuse.  This coming weekend, I am going to get back!  It is hard through the week because I work so late and when I get off there are so many things to do before the girls bedtime.

I am going to make some crockpot turkey chili this am.  It helps me to keep on target to have something prepared for all lunches.  I work at home, but I do have to go in once a month.  This month, it is this Thursday.  Going into the office makes it much more difficult for me.  The meeting that we have involve food.  I ususally bring my own, but it makes me stick out like a sore thumb.  Oh well, who cares anyway!


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