Things to work on

I was reading a blog, PJ Geek, and it got me to thinking.  the post that I read was an old one in which she was doing a spring challenge.  There were two categories that I thought were intriguing.  I then thought, who need an official challenge to do these?  I am going to work on these things myself for a certain period of time.  I thought that 12 weeks would be a good block of time.

For the next TWELVE weeks I will:

organize something EVERY day

eat at least one fruit and one veggie a day

To most people these would probably seem wimpy.  For me, they are monumental.  I am also going to blog at least 2x a week.  I will update every weekend how this challenge is going!  I CAN do this.  My weight in day is Saturday, so I will update that weekly as well, but I weight every day.  I am bad like that.


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