It’s Tranformation Time

My name is Cheryl.  I am 41 years old and have 4 kids.  The oldest is 21 and the youngest two are 23 months.  I have been FAT since after I had my first child except for about a year over 12 years ago.  I am tired of being FAT.  I have been doing weight watchers since April, 2010.  I have lost 40 pounds so far.  I have about 45 more to go…maybe more.  I have been doing weight watcher’s but was doing it online.  I recently canceled the account and am going to continue on my own.   I want to not only lose weight, but I want to eat healthier foods.  I am not a fan of processed foods or artificial sweeteners.  The problem is that I am a diet coke addict.  I plan to give that up too.  my current weight is 195.6.  I was down to 194.8 but gained a little this past week.  I enjoy reading other people’s weight loss blogs and thought that I would start one of my own.  I realize that it will probably take about another year to get where I want to be.  I set a goal of reaching 150 by 12/31/11.  I think that once I get there, I may change my goal.  Right now I am struggling to get myself together.  I have not “fallen off the wagon” but the last few days have been more difficult in staying on track.  I know that I can do it though!


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