Weigh-in day.

Well I think that I did pretty good. It is that time of the month so eating has always been hard and the water weight….excuses I guess. My weight was 216.6. So, I lost 3.4 pounds. I can live with that. I need to work on getting better control over eating but overall it was a TON better. I am going to work on better lunch planning, that is usually my issue. Not to mention….snacking. I also need to get back to the gym. It is all so hard to juggle when you are ALWAYS tired. I also need to work on getting Avery to sleep in her OWN bed….When am I going to do this? Maybe I will try tonight.


I suck

I have really decided that this has gone too far. I have been “trying” to get back to eating right. It is ridiculous that I have let it all go again. My weigh-in day is now Thursday. This past Thursday I was at 220lbs even. My goal is still 150. I am going to do a mini reward every 10 pounds.


I just have not been able to do it. I am so unmotivated. Every time that I think that I am….I fail. Am I TRYING to fail? I do not know. Am I afraid of success? I do not know. I DO want to lose the weight I know that, but I have to wonder if I am mentally holding myself back. I am working on a change in mindset. I weighed this am and am back up to 188. I was down to 185.2. My lowest was 184. I understand that is not horrible. I feel like I am sabotaging myself. I have had A LOT of stressful times recently, and in my life I turn to food. I know that many other people can relate to this. It tastes good and feels good eating it. I can always justify and tell myself I can “re-start” tomorrow. I am trying to remember how it was when I was really motivated and how I can get that back. I DO know that it is a mind-set. I feel like it is a cop-out to not just do it. I am addicted to food. I am a junkie…

Quick update.

Well I went the whole week back on plan, mostly. A couple of evening I may have “overindulged” but probably not over the extra points. I am doing momentum not points plus. I lost 2.4 pounds. I was 187.6 last Saturday and 185.2 this am. I am going to try very hard to do better with staying on plan this week. I would love to lose 2.6 again. I am 1.2 from my lowest weight since starting in late April 2010. I was off pretty much from just before Thanksgiving to about last week. I hope that I am back!


No home mgmt binder. Life hs thrown me some curve balls. I may o one at a later date, but I am not doing it for now. I am working on my list of 101 in 1001. I really think that it is something that I want to do. I am calling March 1 my start date. More on this soon.

I have been doing HORRIBLY on the diet/weight loss front. I have been doing poorly since before Thanksgiving. I got on the scale Sat am and was 187.6. I am up 3.6 pounds from my lowest weight. While I would rather have not gained, I am glad that it was not enormous. It is also TOM for me, so that does not help. I have been on plan for 2 days now. It is a start. I have not done two days in a row since before Thanksgiving. I feel like I am back 🙂

Office Closet.

I decided to do the office closet today. It WAS a mess and I was over it. I thought that is would be a quick clean. It was about 2 1/2 hours of work.



Another shelf

More shelves!



Stuff from Closet

More stuff from closet

Rest of stuff from closet

empty closet

empty closet

Empty closet


Weekly Organization


This week’s Challenge is going to be a Home Management Binder. I was not going to do this but think that I will do it on a level that works for me. I am not sure what I am going to include at this time but will think about it. I will probably not have it posted until Saturday. I work Mondays from 10:30-9 (and have a root canal tomorrow at 8) and then T-TH from 8-6:30. I have 4 kids that include a set of two year old twins. Time is sparse. I also did a big cleaning project. My back is not super sore. Guess I sound whiny….I do not mean to sound that way. The next post is going to be my cleaning project from today!

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